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Pressing Pricing

Current pressing turnaround 6 Weeks (updated 6/6)


Press Only $8  (Doesn't include cleaning)
Modern (1995-Present)          $10 FMV under $1000

Bronze/Copper (1975-1994)   $13 FMV under $1000
Expanded (Pre-1975)             $18 FMV under $1000

Magazine - Coming Soon

All books with a FMV over $1000 add $5 per additional or part of $1000

Shipping                                                       Insurance
1-4 books USPS priority $9                     $50 Included
5-10 books USPS priority $16                 $100 -- $3
11-20 books USPS priority $20               Add $0.50 per $100 Additional

All pressing invoices sent Paypal when books are checked in.
$5 fee per slab to be cracked added to pressing invoice.

For all graded books a separate invoice will be sent when books are ready to ship to CBCS or CGC.

Grading Pricing


For grading turnaround see their site at:

                                                        CBCS             CGC
New (2001-Present)                       $20               N/A

Modern (1975-2000)                      $24              $24
Expanded (Pre-1975)                     $40              $35

Magazine (1975-Present)               ?                 $32

Magazine (Pre-1975)                       ?                  $42
Fast track add                                                      $15
A $5 invoice fee will be added to each CGC order


For other grading services or tiers contact us. All books will be submitted under our accounts unless asked to be under your own account. Updates will be given as they are received by us.


CBCS yellow label slabs will retain "witnessed" status if we crack

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