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Autographing Service

We know how costly it can be to travel to conventions, that is why J&J Collectibles has started an Autographing Service. Below are details about the service J&J Collectibles will provide. For upcoming conventions we are attending please check our events calendar or you can email us at: J&J Collectibles



Details about the service


  • Either purchase an item from us or send us your item to be signed. All items must be received 10 days prior to the convention

  • J&J collectibles will then catalog your item and pack it safely for the convention. Should your item arrive to us with any damage you will be notified immediately. 

  • Return shipping will be paid by the buyer or owner of the item

  • Personalization can be requested but is not guaranteed. Every effort will be made to fulfill your request. 

  • A photo from the signing can be provided if taken. Some celebrities or agents don't allow photos to be taken. Also, since yours may not be the only item signed, your item may not be the one pictured.

  • The cost for this service is $15.00 for over the cost of the autograph. 

  • Quotes and/or character names are additional.

  • Due to the rarity of some guests at conventions and the longer lines for said guests, we reserve the right to charge a higher rate for those guests. We will let you know before sending an item in if the guest you're requesting is someone in this category. 


We look forward to helping your collection grow and obtain the autographs for you 

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